Today, producing 100% end-to-end digital journeys and experiences is as important as stopping the millionaire bleeding of frauds. However, over 10 years from the insurtech market booming, the need for digitization is still latent in insurance.

However, despite the insurance sector being one of the most resilient, the market has been struggling with the same problems for a long time. Too much time. It’s time to end this. 

And the answer for this is a combination of customer experience and cutting-edge technology.

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MJV Technology & Innovation

For 25 years, MJV Technology & Innovation has helped to influence innovation and solve business challenges with some of the biggest companies in the world. With offices in Europe, the United States and Latin America, the consultancy has a multidisciplinary team, composed of more than 1000 professionals divided between designers, engineers, anthropologists, data scientists, developers, entrepreneurs and much more.

We believe in collaborative work and apply Design Thinking and Agile Methodology as a guide for all the projects we develop.

The MJV is composed of five pillars, structured in complete synergy:

Technology Consulting
Development and implementation of personalized services in the areas of Business Analytics, IT and Internet of Things (Internet of Things).

Digital Strategy
Development and implementation of corporate strategy and User Experience, positioning Digital Transformation as the guiding principle business.

Professional Outsourcing
Allocation of UX, UI, Marketing and IT professionals, with strategic and operational monitoring by MJV, optimizing deliveries.


Innovation in Business
Development and implementation of innovative solutions, with the objective of reducing costs, increasing and generating new revenues, in addition to developing new business models.



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New Insurance Distribution Players

Intermittent Subscription Templates

Usage-Based Insurance

Data Science Anti-Fraud

of consumers expect companies to take an active stance on social, environmental, and political issues

According to a survey by "Social Sprout"

ESG Transformation
Development and implementation of positive impact solutions considering aspects of the entire ecosystem, looking at the business, people and the planet.


In our MJV Insurance Trends Report, you are going to find out a new vision of the challenges of the insurance market, which are the emerging trends in the industry and real stories of transformation in your sector led by MJV.

Conclusion: The future of Insurance is online and on-demand

Plus: Design Thinking Tools

Top 10 DT Tools for you to experiment change.

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The main challenges of the insurance industry

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Cybersecurity & Open Insurance

Four successful case stories led by MJV

1. Insurtech-as-a-Service

2. Secure Translation

3. Integrated Quotation Platform

4. Telemedicine